Lockdown: Day 46

‘I think most people have already gone to level two,’ said Neil, as we cycled out yesterday morning. There were fewer cars on the road but otherwise he was right – Oriental Bay was packed with people and there were bikes everywhere, ours included. The weather was on our side, a gentle breeze barely ruffling […]

Lockdown: Day 45

It seems appropriate that I choose day number 45 to talk about war, the second world war ending in 1945. I’m actually a day late for the seventy-fifth anniversary of peace, but here in New Zealand it would have been today that people awoke to the news that the war in Europe was over. There […]

Lockdown: Day 44

Yesterday’s update gave us information on what will be allowed under level two ‘when we get there’ – those last words repeated by the Prime Minister half a dozen times, just in case you were tempted to think we were already there. The best news for us, and that made me fist pump the air, […]

Lockdown: Day 43

I find it ironic that the post I write about not writing is one that garners most comments and likes! Even more than posts about food. I had lovely comments from friends and family, primarily via email and social media, commending me for the previous 41 days. Most said how they enjoyed reading the blog […]

Lockdown: Day 42

A fellow writer once asked me what my passions were ‘apart from writing’. As I often do, I blurted out the first thing that came into my head, which was: ‘Writing isn’t my passion!’ Another writer (we were on a course together – I don’t have that many writer friends) nodded in agreement. ‘But…but…’ the […]

Lockdown: Day 41

When your movements are restricted and your daily routine getting repetitive and (more than) a little monotonous, even the tiniest deviation is quite exciting. If I’m being honest, a man hanging outside your third storey window at any time is eyebrow raising. Today is building wash day. This is done by men (I’m not being […]

Lockdown: Day 40

Forty days! We’re not exactly wandering in the wilderness but if someone had told me a few months ago that I would spend even a week inside a small apartment and not be able to go anywhere far, not seeing my friends, not going out for a drink or a meal… well, I’d be using […]

Lockdown: Day 39

Given comments on previous posts I begin today with a cautionary warning: this is about eating. Please do not continue reading if you think you will suffer unnecessary food envy. Neil and I haven’t cooked for the last three nights. I hasten to add that this doesn’t mean we haven’t eaten and are currently wasting […]

Lockdown: Day 38

Moving down to level three was big news for me – bike shops were allowed to open. This meant I could think about replacing the bike that was stolen the week before we went into lockdown. I hadn’t ridden for a few weeks before that so today was my first cycle ride in a couple […]

Lockdown: Day 37

The area between our apartment block and the church has become a de-facto gym whilst the real things are unable to open. Every day there is a steady stream of fit looking young people taking turns to use the space. Some have just their bodies and their phone, which they keep looking at between burping, […]