Lockdown: Day 40

Forty days! We’re not exactly wandering in the wilderness but if someone had told me a few months ago that I would spend even a week inside a small apartment and not be able to go anywhere far, not seeing my friends, not going out for a drink or a meal… well, I’d be using that eye-roll emoji. (And if someone had told me a few years ago I would type the word emoji and not get a squiggly red line under it I would have laughed in their face.)

I’m constantly amazed at how, when something in my life changes, I generally just accept it and move on. I’m not using the word ‘graciously’ here – I’m not a fan of change, especially when I consider it unnecessary (ask Neil how often I complain about things being fixed when they aren’t broken. Yes, Mr Apple, this is directed mainly at you) and usually have a good moan or rant about a change that is being forced on me before I accept it. And, of course, there are those changes that no one wants, the ones leaving a hole in your life that someone used to fill, a change that leaves you thinking that nothing will be the same again and life cannot possibly go on. But, of course, it does, and the hole fills with memories instead of a corporeal body.

Accepting of the new normal or not, it seems I’m not the only one grateful for a little more freedom that comes with level three. Many friends have shared their weekend trips slightly away from the block around their homes, and how it’s made them feel refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of this lockdown. The weather was shocking yesterday so a good time to stay indoors out of the rain and wind. On that subject, I’d like to thank the weather gods for sending us one of the sunniest Aprils on record – the last time the weather was this good in April was in 1938. And, yes, you’d be right if you detect more than a touch of sarcasm in those words. All I can say is bring on marvellous May and gorgeous June.

I’d typed this before I saw the news – today New Zealand marks no new coronavirus cases. That’s a big fat zero after two weeks of single-digit increases. Which is wonderful news and makes the last forty days a good investment. And means we’ll hopefully be able to get to Ohakune soon. Our neighbour sent this picture today – this is the ‘penultimate’ rose from our garden. Guessing she’s left one for another neighbour to pick then!

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