About me

Hello and welcome!

Born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, I moved to New Zealand in 2002 with my lovely husband, Neil. We live in the gorgeous city of Wellington and, as I write this, it is on a good day, the sun shining from a brilliant blue, a light breeze ruffling the leaves of the lancewood outside the window.

I love the outdoors, the feel of air on my skin, warm or cold, and a view that stretches into the distance. I am happiest wearing hiking boots and carrying a back pack. I love seeing new places, visiting familiar ones. I miss the moors of my birth country, enjoy the forests and coast of my adopted one. I probably eat too much good food and am not a bad cook. I definitely drink too much wine! My perfect day would be a long walk or cycle ride followed by a relaxing evening with a delicious meal, a nice bottle, and the man I love beside me.

Why this blog? I’m a scribbler, a storyteller; I can structure a sentence. Friends often ask to read my words so here they are. I hope to make you smile; I may make you laugh. It’s possible I’ll make you sad, but I will never be cruel. You might read my words and think what a load of twaddle – I often do. You may leave my page more thoughtful than you arrived at it, but I make no claim to greatness. I merely write what I am thinking.

For the next few months I’ll be thinking about exploring new places on an extended holiday. The words will be interspersed with pictures. They’ll probably be Neil’s – I write, he takes photos – he’s got letters after his name. I hope you enjoy reading.