The Lockdown Files

A couple of fellow writers recently shared that they ‘loved’ lockdown, plenty of time to write and no need to go out and interact with other humans. They are clearly much more motivated individuals than I am, my lockdown life being seriously unproductive in terms of writing anything of value (not that I’m sure I […]

A Clear Run

There are challenges to skiing in New Zealand. One is that many people ski on the mountains in much the same way as they drive on the roads – too fast, not in control, and with little awareness for anyone else in the vicinity. As with any rule, there are exceptions, but my skiing here […]


My husband has had a few issues trying to get his exercise today. Yesterday, for the first time in, oh, probably a few years, he went out on his road bike, spending a good few minutes beforehand dusting off the cobwebs. Mountain biking is frowned upon during lockdown, primarily because of the possibility of a […]


From the warmth of the duvet I heard Neil open the logburner (the door squeals like a toddler who’s been refused a cookie). Strange, I thought, he doesn’t usually do that until I get up and moan about the cold. A few minutes later he appeared in the bedroom, cup of tea in hand. ‘I […]

Proof of Life

Many thanks to those of you who got in touch after yesterday’s post to say how much you enjoyed it, particularly laughing at the thought of me shoving Neil’s head through a pane of glass. He asks me to pass on that he has deleted you from his contacts and even after lockdown the door […]

Here We Go Again!

I started New Zealand’s first full day of lockdown in over a year feeling sorry for myself. We were supposed to move house this coming Friday, the organised being I am having already packed most of our things into crates and boxes to avoid a last-minute rush, depleted the contents of my pantry to avoid […]

One Year On

Quite by accident I realised today is a year since our lockdown ended. We still had some restrictions, but a year ago is when we could start visiting cafes and restaurants again, when shops re-opened, when we could move out of our bubble and meet our friends, when we could travel outside our area and, […]

Word of the Year?

The other day my brother told me that lockdown was the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year. He wasn’t entirely accurate – apparently, there are so many words that have either appeared or become more prevalent this year that the OED is having trouble picking one. They describe 2020 as an unprecedented year for […]

Lockdown: Day 49

After my post yesterday a friend sent me a picture of the results of her efforts to cut her husband’s hair. Taken from the back, it shows a narrow band within thick dark hair of shaven head going up a few inches from his neck. It made us howl with laughter and Neil comment: ‘that’s […]

Lockdown: Day 48

It’s interesting to compare the reaction of different countries to this virus. We locked down early, and we locked down hard. There were stringent movement restrictions, although not so stringent we couldn’t leave the house, as in some countries. Our border was closed to all but Kiwis and a 14-day isolation period implemented, which soon […]