Computer Blues

Some years ago I lost possessions in a house burglary. The thieves stole the usual things – TV, hi-fi – but the item that bothered me the most was my jewellery box. Not that I had anything valuable in there (in an ironic twist, my most valuable pieces of jewellery were two rings that I’d […]

Lockdown: Day 43

I find it ironic that the post I write about not writing is one that garners most comments and likes! Even more than posts about food. I had lovely comments from friends and family, primarily via email and social media, commending me for the previous 41 days. Most said how they enjoyed reading the blog […]

Lockdown: Day 42

A fellow writer once asked me what my passions were ‘apart from writing’. As I often do, I blurted out the first thing that came into my head, which was: ‘Writing isn’t my passion!’ Another writer (we were on a course together – I don’t have that many writer friends) nodded in agreement. ‘But…but…’ the […]