Lockdown: Day 43

I find it ironic that the post I write about not writing is one that garners most comments and likes! Even more than posts about food. I had lovely comments from friends and family, primarily via email and social media, commending me for the previous 41 days. Most said how they enjoyed reading the blog because they could ‘hear’ me in there. It’s one of the greatest compliments a writer could receive. Some offered suggestions for future posts (alcohol was a recurring theme…) and I was even referred to as ‘witty and inciteful’ (thanks, Lynn. One too many before reading perhaps…?) My friend Margaret suggested writing about beer with beer in hand – as if my typing isn’t bad enough already. And both my sister and my sister-in-law said I made them laugh and feel closer, which is lovely.

A little help with lockdown…

I don’t repeat the above to boost my ego (although…) I do it to make a point – throughout this whole time, the one thing I wanted to do was to connect with people. I knew that sometimes I would write about what is happening; I knew that sometimes it would be about what I was doing. I expected that not all my posts would be uplifting and that some would teeter on the edge of a yawn-fest (or maybe even throw themselves willingly into it). But I always hoped that people would read and find some connection to their own experiences and feelings, even if they didn’t find it remotely interesting. I was worried that I might attract trolls and harsh criticism and I am thankful that I have avoided that so far. I get a little thrill when someone I don’t know ‘likes’ one of my posts, although it’s possible some are friends using a logon I haven’t yet deciphered.

Even before it became a worldwide sentiment my mantra has always been ‘be kind’, and I thank each and every one of you for your generous comments. We’re not out of the woods yet, and some of you are still deep in the forest trying to find the path out. I’m happy if my inane witterings are helping anyone get through these strange times. Some of you I will be able to see very soon; many of you I have no idea when we will be able to share the same space. In both cases I look forward to it immensely. Those of you I haven’t ever met and am unlikely to ever do so, I hope you are also not far from a day soon when you can hug your loved ones and visit your favourite places.

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