In Dreams

Last night I dreamed I went to Yorkshire.* In my mind I travelled past Fox House, down alongside the stream to Toad Rock, left around the corner and up towards Surprise View. Mist hung low over the hills, flattening their tops, hiding Cark Wark, the ancient fort, and suffusing all with a muted light. The […]

Merry Christmas!

Circumstances (and fate) have conspired against me and this is not the blog I wanted to write. Instead I present a truncated version with a few words and a lot of pictures. Nothing says Christmas like a tree full of lights sparkling against the dark of a winter evening sky. Framed by curtains left open […]


The Temple of Ancient Virtue flips upside down into the lake, a perfect reflection looking up at its original. In this garden it’s one of many (often flamboyantly named) structures placed alongside still water for maximum effect, a swan occasionally gliding across, its gentle wake rippling the reflection but adding to the scene rather than […]