Lockdown: Day 33

Possum – unsure about contactless delivery

Today is our last day at level four lockdown. Not that level three looks much different for most people, including us, and we are warned that, if we don’t behave ourselves, we will be back to level four. I smile as I type that, imagining Jacinda putting on her best schoolmistress voice and ordering us back into our lockdown dormitories.

As citizens who can work from home, Neil and I will still be doing so, and our lives won’t change much. They will get noisier, as construction is allowed at level three, which means that work on the apartment block next to ours will re-commence tomorrow. We can’t complain – those workers probably need the money after four weeks off.

Our income hasn’t been impacted so far and it’s only fair we spend it now to support local businesses, so we’ll be taking advantage of the fact that take away food outlets will be allowed to operate (providing they follow strict guidelines). Not that you’ll see us rushing to any of the big chains (we’d have to be seriously desperate to do that) but some local restaurants are doing home delivery. We’ve already ordered dinner from one for later in the week.

Many cafes are also starting a click and collect service, something I expect will be popular as Wellingtonians rush to get their coffee fix, and I foresee a city of happy hyper-active adults for a few days until they get used to the caffeine again. As our favourite pizza place is also re-opening I foresee two Anglo-Kiwis needing more exercise soon. Good job we can roam a little farther under level three.

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