Lockdown: Day 26

Most days I can nail this lockdown thing. Yes, I’m frustrated by some aspects of it, as no doubt most are, but I can look forward to the end: when I can shop without having to queue to get into the store, and I can find everything I need in there; when I can get outside freely, go wherever I want to whenever I want to; when we can get back to the bach and enjoy the wider countryside; when I can make the most of the benefits of living in the city – the cafes, bars and restaurants.

These are the days that, despite the restrictions, I can appreciate how lucky I am, how much I have, and that I am able to go outside and am not part of a group who daren’t do that without worrying I might be killed by this thing. I can remember that this time is only a short period of my life and that, like other bad times, I will one day be able to look back – it will be in the past.

Some days I don’t do it well. That’s when I think, yes, I’ll be able to go out more but it will be winter and the weather is likely to be awful and I won’t want to go out (truthfully, I still want to go out unless the weather is horizontal rain, at which time I’m quite happy to stay in any sort of indoor bubble you want me to).

These are the days I go to the supermarket and bemoan that the serve yourself bins are out of action (understandably so) and I can’t get the ingredients I need to make what I want to cook. These are the days I dread the masked people in the same supermarket. Zorro is all very well, wandering around with his face disguised, slashing Zs into everything with his rapier, but try keeping your distance from someone wearing a mask in a global pandemic. To avoid them I’m skipping around like an excited child who’s just discovered the varied uses of a rope. And I’m not having fun.

These are the days I regret that we took most of our possessions up to the bach to store, on the basis that ‘we’ll be up there every couple of weeks or so’. You know, books, DVDs, my boxes of stuff that include all the fabric I could be sewing right now, our winter clothes (I refer you to the comment above – Neil doesn’t have a warm coat down here).

Today is one of those days. Forgive me the moan, if you will. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Well, as normal as it gets.

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