Lockdown: Day 6

There are many benefits to living in New Zealand. This is one of them – it’s a Tim Tam. I’m not a big biscuit person (I’d rather have a bag of crisps) but this is the most divine piece of deliciousness on earth. (I’m also a huge fan of the humble digestive, but only if it says McVities on the packet – nothing else comes close. Thankfully I can now buy them in NZ.)

Back to the Tim Tam. Full disclosure: they’re Australian. But Aussies nick anything Kiwi they can lay their hands on (although they don’t seem too keen on claiming Russell Crowe) so it’s time we returned the favour. Tim Tams come in various guises, all a chocolaty cream biscuit sandwich covered in chocolate: milk, dark, double-coated, caramel, even white, which I’ve never tried and have no desire to. A benefit of watching more TV and (still) sitting through the ads because we haven’t got the remote handy is that you do catch the odd interesting bit of info that you might otherwise miss – like the introduction of a new flavour of Tim Tam. Biscuits are, of course, on the essential list, so I bought some in the supermarket and… Oh. My. Word.

If an average TimTam is deliciousness on earth this one takes it stratospheric. See that cream? It is, as it looks, orange. Think of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (dark, thank you very much, none of that milky stuff) with the crisp bite of biscuit and a deeper hit of orange. It is heaven on a plate. Or coaster, in this case (yep, too lazy to get a plate out! And please note the words on said coaster). It’s now an ex-Tim Tam. I suspect the rest of the packet may soon be so. Looks like another trip out for some essential shopping.

8 thoughts on “Lockdown: Day 6

  1. Tracy,

    The, I mean the absolute best blog post from lockdown. So glad you have upped the ad viewing. As this scrumptious and delectable treat has now been added to my self isolation buster shopping list. Yuuuuumeee. Well done you. Next you can do one on crisps or chippies as they call them here.



  2. Love the coaster as they say “you can take the girl out of Sheffield but you can’t take Sheffield out of the girl” .
    Anyway back to TimTam’s they look similar to penguin biscuits. I bet the orange ones are beautiful. Take care sis n bro-in-law stay safe love you both xxxx


  3. You’ll have to see if you can send me some of these when the lockdown is over. Would love to try them myself if clare doesn’t eat them all first. Stay safe and speak soon xx


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