Nasvidenje Slovenia

On the way to Ptuj (pronounced P-too-ee, in case you’re interested) we stop for lunch in Celje, a small town with another castle. For a quarter of the entry price to the one in Ljubljana we get a delightful hour exploring ramparts, climbing towers and enjoying views over the countryside. A large courtyard is set […]


Cities aren’t my thing. Despite that I grew up in one I’d rather be in the countryside. But I may never get a chance to visit this country again so I’m going to see its capital. Besides, cities have things like cafes and restaurants, nice buildings to marvel at, sometimes a castle, usually a river. […]

Mist and Cloud

Our last day in Bohinj and the mountains are completely hidden, cloud driving across the hills and spitting out sporadic rain. The cycle trail to Izica Bistrica, the source of the river, is wide but wet and a little slippery, water splashing my legs as I ride through muddy puddles. It soon becomes rough, loose […]

Bled Out!

We drove through Bled on the way to Bohinj and it almost put us off visiting, a thirty minute crawl into the town and crowds of people shuffling around a lake. But everyone says, you should go to Bled, and all the pictures we’ve seen suggest it may be worth it so, once again, an […]


Bohinj Bistreca, in the Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps, is 500m above sea level in a flat-bottomed valley in the middle of mountains. If you were dropped here in your sleep you would think you were trapped within steep walls, some thickly forested with the dark green points of pine trees, some – […]

I Feel Love

Slovenia markets itself on the basis that the word love is within its name. It’s entirely appropriate – there’s a lot to love here. Mountains that tower over you, rivers that tumble from them into canyons and fall over cliffs to land in deep pools below, lakes that reflect the bluest of skies. Not to […]