I couldn’t watch the Euro final. Neil put it on as we were getting breakfast. England were already in the lead and the crowd were vocal. With my back to the TV I could tell when Italy got the ball because the booing was louder than the cheering. It reminded me too much of the […]

Is Football Coming Home?

England’s football team are currently in the late stages of Euro 2020. (At any other time it would seem ridiculous that a tournament titled one year is played in another, but we all know these are not normal times.) I had a vague awareness that they’d played a few games recently, seen reported results, but […]


Bright greens have become the warmth of orange and yellow with a scattering of red, and bronze glows in the light of a low sun. Autumn is upon us, the land transforming as the leaves change colour and then fall. A stiff wind brings a chill, tearing leaves from their flimsy anchors, swirling them into […]