Bedtime Tales

A friend sent me this picture recently. This is what I’ve been doing today, painting the bedroom and a bed. It’s a low-impact day for a woman who owns her own dropsaw. The joke is that her husband has to darn his own socks because she’s too busy building furniture, and I understand he’s pretty […]

Beasties: Part Two

WARNING: This post contains images and descriptions of pest animal trapping. If this distresses you, please do not read on. When the chunk of land that became the islands of New Zealand broke away from the great southern continent of Gondwana seventy million years ago, it wasn’t just the nasty beasties that stayed on the […]

Beasties: Part One

A friend sent me this picture the other day. The subject, one of its fangs clearly visible between two front legs, fell on her back whilst she was sunbathing. She claims the only reason it didn’t take a chunk out of her is that she was smothered in tanning oil rather than sun cream so […]

Lost and Found

This is a photo Neil sent me this morning. The subject may look like ordinary sunglasses (although, being designed for cycling, they’re not glass at all but plastic, quite bendy and fairly indestructible – let’s face it, a good idea for me) but these glasses have a story. I bought them in France a couple […]

In Praise of the Practical

We paid a flying visit to Ohakune last weekend, a one night stay as we hired a van to take up the last pieces of furniture we’ve given up trying to fit in the new place in Wellington. The house felt stuffy, probably because it was lunchtime on a warm day and we’re unused to […]

Hanging Around

We moved house recently. I may have mentioned it before. Moving house is a phrase that reminds me of my mother (there are many). Where I grew up we were the only family who talked about moving house – everyone else flitted. Mum hated that term and it was one of many that, depending on […]

Tales of Old

This is a wooden spoon. As statements go it’s not that revelatory; unless your eyesight is impaired you can see it’s a wooden spoon. To be specific, it’s a broken wooden spoon, an end achieved when I smacked the bottom of a pan with it, something I often do and, in the case of this […]