I Walked Waiheke

In the country of my birth it’s easy to find a path into the outdoors. No matter what the terrain alongside the road, before long there will be a gate, or an opening in a wall, maybe a stile over a fence, an accompanying sign pointing away from tarmac and bearing the words Public Footpath. […]


Earlier in the year my 83-year-old father joined Facebook.  My slightly younger aunts both commented with a welcome and Finally! but, in truth, it was my brother who had set up the account for him simply so he could use Messenger to stay in touch with family during the Covid lockdown. Dad loves that he […]


An email dropped into my inbox last week from the police. In connection with the bike that was stolen earlier this year, it was asking me to complete a victim impact statement – the person who stole the bike has been in custody for some months now and the legal process is slowly grinding towards […]

Adventures with a Sat-Nav: Part 2

After my first experience of Sat-Nav you’ll understand my trepidation when, shortly before our trip last year, Neil announced that the car we were leasing would have Sat-Nav and we won’t need to buy a map. (Does the man not know me at all?) My relationship with Essie (and for the life of me I […]

Mur de Miro

Despite that it might appear otherwise in these pages, I’m not a fan of exercise. Primarily, I’m lazy, and I often have to fight the impulse to merely sit on the sofa and do nothing all day. The reason I don’t – besides that it would make me a very poor example of a human […]

Computer Blues

Some years ago I lost possessions in a house burglary. The thieves stole the usual things – TV, hi-fi – but the item that bothered me the most was my jewellery box. Not that I had anything valuable in there (in an ironic twist, my most valuable pieces of jewellery were two rings that I’d […]

Adventures With A Sat-Nav

A couple of years ago we bought a new car. It came with sat-nav and, despite that looking at the map we have in the car was easier (and quicker) Neil loved putting in his destination and following the voice of the friendly lady on the dashboard rather than the voice of the friendly lady […]


The fire alarm in our apartment building went off last night. Neil was asleep; I was just beginning to doze off. Safe to say it scared the living daylights out of me. We both shot up in bed with swear words. I couldn’t find the light switch, despite having turned it off only a few […]

Let It Snow!

Snow, like a lot in nature, can be a blessing and a curse. The curse, this morning in Ohakune, is that all roads out of the town are closed. The main road on one side is blocked by a couple of jack-knifed lorries and has been so since early morning; the other side we don’t […]